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I actually can’t believe

That there are Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris ‘fangirls’ on Tumblr, as in the two people who carried out the Columbine School Massacre. Symaphysing with them and justifying what they did. Bullying is terrible and no one should go through that, but killing a load of innocent kids just like you or me is just sickening.

Yeah, keep saying that they were ‘tortured souls’ if your daughter, son, brother, sister or best friend was murdered then. They wouldn’t have thought twice about shooting you if you were actually there. 

Argh some people are ridiculously fucking stupid.

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    The fact that you’re putting so much emphasis on the one typo clearly shows you have no intelligent reply to the post...
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    Symaphysing Symaphysing Symaphysing SYMAPHYSING Laughing my ass off! Your stupidity is astounding!
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    "symaphysing"? hahaha that’s gold
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  7. laidbackvacationtenzin said: Thats really fucked up. It isn’t okay to say that killing all those people was justified.